Relieve my PC! V2.0 Site Launch!

With great excitement and anticipation, I would like to announce the release of the brand new and improved Relieve My PC V2.0 website!

Relieve my PC Site LaunchOn the new website you will find newly added features, including a user friendly navigation with drop down menus outlining our home and business computer services and various information about the company. Checking your ticket status and booking an appointment has never been easier with our one-click buttons for fast access.

As promised we’ve included links to our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Pages as an effort to be more “social,” so feel free to stop by and socialize! I hope that you will find the new site to be a pleasant experience.

Because we want you to have an optimal experience on our new site, if you encounter any bugs, please contact us via our form at and report your issue.  In your bug report, please include the web browser and version you are using when accessing our site and a brief description of the bug.  We will make all appropriate efforts to fix these bugs quickly and effectively!