How to Defrag my PC

As our culture becomes more complex and information becomes more readily available to us, we demand instant results! Over time that once speedy PC goes to a complete crawl. Now we get frustrated and occasionally break things. No more instant gratification.

As part of your PC maintenance I encourage all you PC users out there to defrag your PC! It can speed up start ups of applications by over 20 percent in addition  to the initial start up.

There is software out there for a quick and easy way to defrag your PC. We recommend using Diskeeper 9.0 Professional for an optimal experience.

Ok ok I’m getting there relax! For all you instant gratification seekers who skipped through the entire blog post to get this far, here are the simple steps you take to perform a defrag on your PC.

  1. Go to start
  2. Programs
  3. Accessories
  4. System tools
  5. Disk defragmenter –

    At this point you want to analyze your hard drives for fragmented files (if you have multiple partitions or hard drives you will see them listed).  Perform the analysis on all the drives and see which ones need a defragment. Once you found the culprit that’s slowing down your pc – click the defragment button. Sit back and wait (yes you actually have to wait). It could take a few hours in some cases, depending on how long your previous defrag was. I recommend defraging at least once every couple of weeks.

defrag pc

Ahhh relief…

More PC advice, information and PC how tos to come.