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How to Secure my Wireless Network

Why should I secure my wireless network? What’s better than pulling out your laptop in a public place and finding that open wireless network that we all know and love? While this is a great and convenient way to browse the internet, it’s not recommended when it comes to setting up your personal wireless network. […]

How to Defrag my PC

As our culture becomes more complex and information becomes more readily available to us, we demand instant results! Over time that once speedy PC goes to a complete crawl. Now we get frustrated and occasionally break things. No more instant gratification. As part of your PC maintenance I encourage all you PC users out there […]

Disabling start up services to speed up my PC

Happy new year everyone! I know it’s been a while since the last PC advice blog entry and as part of our new years resolution at Relieve my PC, we present you with the first blog post of the year. Disabling start up services on your PC can be the most beneficial action you can […]

How to Enable a windows firewall on your PC

I’m sure everyone heard the term “firewall” once or twice before. What is a windows firewall? Without a firewall, think of your front door to your house being wide open. People can come and go as they please and have access to all of your personal belongings. In the computer world your personal belongings are […]

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Who we suggest read this blog: This blog was created with the intention of educating the world’s PC users of any technology, and PC frustrations they may encounter.  Our mission is to continuously educate the “not so computer savy.” We plan to accomplish this by periodically releasing informational articles consisting of anything from preventative maintenance to pc how to’s […]