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How to Prevent your PC or Laptop from overheating in the blazing heat!

prevent laptop overheatingWith record temperatures around the country, it’s no wonder why we’ve received a blue light special on overheating PCs and laptops! There are several preventative yet affordable measures you can take to make sure you’re PC or laptop does not overheat. Just follow the steps below to prevent your laptop or PC from overheating.

Prevent Laptop from Overheating

You can prevent your laptop from overheating by following the 3 methods below. If you have a PC instead scroll down further to see what to do to prevent your PC from overheating.

  1. Purchase a laptop cooling fan like the Cooler Master NotePal U3 Notebook Cooler with 3 Fans. This simply plugs into one of your spare USB ports on your laptop so you don’t need to be near an electric outlet. Not only will this save you from a laptop melt down, it will also cool you down by channeling all the heat that you would normally get on your lap to the unit itself.
  2. Take apart your laptop and clean the heat sync and fan making sure all excess dust is removed. Dust is a major culprit for overheating laptops. We like to use the Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt, 0.75-HP Electric Duster but a can of Air Duster 152A
    will do the trick.
  3.   If you are placing your laptop on a bed while in use, it’s a good idea to purchase the case fan previously mentioned. This will allow efficient air flow and proper cooling.

Prevent your PC from Over Heating

how to prevent PC overheatingYou can prevent your PC from overheating in 3 easy steps.

  1. Open the case and clean out any dust. The case is easily opened by unscrewing several thumb screws although this can depend on the model PC you have. Arming yourself with Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt, 0.75-HP Electric Duster is great and easy way to remove dust inside the case. P.S You will need a vacuum for the cleanup!
  2. Installing additional fans or more powerful fans inside your case will prevent your PC from overheating by providing better ventilation and air flow. This is a little more advanced and may require a tech to perform the install.
  3. On hot days it may not be a bad idea to open the case of your pc and using a fan to blow air on it. This is just another step you can take to prevent your PC from overheating!

Stay cool!

Get PC Help With Your Old Broken Down PC – It Will Save You $$

 We’ve found that most computers that people get rid of can be fixed inexpensively without having to buy a new computer. So if you have an old computer in the basement that you think is dead and not fixable, it may in fact be something very simple to fix it. It’s good to have the piece of mind that your computer is worth the repair or not and getting a diagnostic is the first step.

Have more than one computer that you need repaired and need diagnostics for each? We are now offering through the end of August, a complimentary diagnostic on one laptop or desktop when you bring in multiple computers for repair.  Click here to book an appointment.

How to Secure my Wireless Network

Why should I secure my wireless network?

secure wireless network
What’s better than pulling out your laptop in a public place and finding that open wireless network that we all know and love? While this is a great and convenient way to browse the internet, it’s not recommended when it comes to setting up your personal wireless network. Securing your wireless network is a vital step to protect your security when browsing the internet. Even if you live in the most remote of areas, it’s always a good practice to secure your wireless network. If you want to keep your network open for the purpose of letting your neighbor or friend connect, it’s a better idea to just provide him or her with the network password.

If you notice your internet speed is very slow and you have an open wireless network, the chances are someone else is connecting to that network and leaching your bandwidth.  If someone were to download any copyrighted material while connected to your network, you can be liable. This is a very common issue we go onsite for and can easily be avoided if your wireless network is secure.

There are several other reasons why securing your wireless network is extremely important but I’m going to put the details to rest and get to the how to section of this post!

Securing My Wireless Network

There are several ways to secure your wireless network. The first step is getting a secure wireless access router that works. We recommend Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router
The first is to create a network pass phrase and encrypt the traffic using Wireless Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 encryption. It is recommended that you do not use WEP encryption as individuals who are tech savvy can easily bypass this. When setting up your network pass phrase, it’s a good idea to contain a random combination of letters and numbers so the pass phrase is not easily guessed. 12 characters + is recommended.

The first step to setting up your pass phrase is to insert the CD that came with your wireless access point or you can login directly to the access point by inputting the user name and password. The login / password depends on the manufacturer of the access point. You should change the default user name and password to prevent anyone from accessing it. Once in the router control panel, you can disable SSID broadcasting which will prevent anyone from seeing your wireless network.

The login method is a little more advanced so I would suggest using the cd that came with the access point. If you don’t have the CD then you can go to the manufacturer’s website for further instruction. You may be limited in what you can do with the CD as logging into the router will give you the most control.

If you’re uncomfortable securing your wireless network for your home or business, you can contact Relieve my PC and we will make sure your safe! See our wireless networking page for further details.

Relieve my PC! V2.0 Site Launch!

With great excitement and anticipation, I would like to announce the release of the brand new and improved Relieve My PC V2.0 website!

Relieve my PC Site LaunchOn the new website you will find newly added features, including a user friendly navigation with drop down menus outlining our home and business computer services and various information about the company. Checking your ticket status and booking an appointment has never been easier with our one-click buttons for fast access.

As promised we’ve included links to our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Pages as an effort to be more “social,” so feel free to stop by and socialize! I hope that you will find the new site to be a pleasant experience.

Because we want you to have an optimal experience on our new site, if you encounter any bugs, please contact us via our form at and report your issue.  In your bug report, please include the web browser and version you are using when accessing our site and a brief description of the bug.  We will make all appropriate efforts to fix these bugs quickly and effectively!

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-Relieve my PC! Staff